Volunteer Opportunity

Board of Directors - 2 Vacancies
Platte Land Trust
   Do you enjoy the outdoors and being in nature? Is protection of natural habitats, recreation lands, and working farms for future generations important to you? Are you looking for ways to protect the environment and contribute to your community?
    If yes, the Platte Land Trust invites you to apply for a vacancy on our Board of Directors.
    The Platte Land Trust protects private land with voluntary land owners to help them fulfill their dreams for their land into the future.  Our mission is private-side conservation, holding easements or title to land in perpetuity.
    As we apply for national accreditation, we seek individuals with experience and knowledge in accreditation processes, accounting and financial management, strategic planning, and farming. Dreaming, thinking, and planning for the long term is a desired skill.
    If interested, contact us through our website at www.plattelandtrust.org or by email at plattelandtrust@gmail.com.

Contact Information
phone: (816) 716-3402
Offer Valid: April 8, 2019June 30, 2019
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