Board Member

Offer Valid: 01/31/2019 - 12/04/2021
Board Members Needed
About Us
Tomlin Academy Early Childhood Center is organized as a Missouri not-for-profit corporation and operates exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

The purpose of Tomlin Academy Early Childhood Center, Inc is to bring together individuals interested in promoting academic excellence, engaging in community events, and raising funds to supplement funds for Tomlin Academy LLC. 

Tomlin Academy Early Childhood Center, Inc is committed to supporting the programs, projects, services and professional development in support of Tomlin Academy LLC.

Criteria/Expectations for Board Members

  • Willing to serve up to two three-year terms as an elected member (or serve some portion thereof if appointed to fill the remainder of a vacant, unexpired term)
  • Committed to attending 4 board meetings per year with an excused absence
  • Willing to participate actively in one or more committees and carry out appropriate assignments outside monthly board meetings
  • Willing to serve as an officer or in other leadership roles
  • Willing to provide reports on Tomlin Academy Early Childhood Center activities and Foundation Board meetings
  • Agrees to record volunteer hours each month and submit to the Volunteer Services Coordinator
  • Attends as many Tomlin Academy Early Childhood Center-sponsored library activities as possible
  • Acts as an ambassador for Tomlin Academy Early Childhood Center in a formal and informal capacity
If interested, please submit a note of interest and a copy of your resume to Shantelle Tomlin at Inquiries welcomed!

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