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About Us

eCIO specializes in investment management, tailoring its expertise exclusively to the nonprofit sector in Minnesota and nationwide. As a Registered Investment Advisor, eCIO nonprofit investment advisors recognize each organization's distinct investment needs. This unique focus on nonprofit investing positions eCIO as a valuable partner for nonprofit organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of managing nonprofit endowments and other funds, ensuring their financial resources are preserved and grow to support their missions more effectively.

At the core of eCIO's offering is a deep understanding of nonprofit investment best practices, making their team an ideal partner for organizations at various stages of their investment journey. Whether a nonprofit is initiating a new investment fund, transitioning from a self-managed investment approach to professional management, or in the process of changing nonprofit investment advisors, eCIO stands ready to provide tailored support.

Interested in exploring nonprofit investing? Dive into the comprehensive guide, “The Road to Nonprofit Investing.” This article provides a detailed examination of the investment management process, covering the three fundamental pillars of investment governance, the variety and functions of nonprofit investment accounts, strategies for creating an investment plan, how to find the right nonprofit investment advisor, and answers to frequently asked questions.