Empire Dreams

Empire Dreams


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About Us

Empire Dreams supports the development and sustainability of thriving and empowered communities in Kansas City, Missouri's most disenfranchised neighborhoods.

We believe Kansas City’s most disenfranchised communities are filled with hidden leaders and entrepreneurs. We believe every individual possesses great worth and is gifted with unique and profitable talents. The heart of our organization is to train and raise up these indigenous east-side community leaders as the catalytic answer to the social disorganization experienced in their own communities. Through years of serving our community we have developed a sustainable model for holistic grassroots community development spurred ahead by the very community we are strengthening. Empire Dreams exists because we love our people, we love our community, and we want to see them thrive.

Our organization is named “Empire Dreams,” because we support people, communities, and even businesses to achieve their dreams, purpose, and potential by surrounding them with hope, partnership, opportunities, and tangible resources.