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About Us

At KidSight, our goal is simple: to provide free vision screenings for every child under 6-years-old in Missouri. Since our founding in 1995, we’ve screened half a million children and we total nearly 70,000 screenings annually. Our KidSight Mobile Vision Screening program goes out to preschools, daycare centers, Head Start sites, and community events across the state. We use a non-invasive, handheld photo screening device to scan a child’s eyes which produces an immediate “pass” or “refer” result. Children do not need to read a chart and in fact, the photo screening device is a more sensitive method of detecting the more serious childhood eye diseases - Amblyopia and Strabismus - than a traditional chart exam.

After detection, KidSight provides intervention and referrals through the KidSight Vision Care Network. This includes a list of doctors who perform pediatric optometric services, a packet of information about eye care and eye health, and a series of follow-up phone calls, emails, and text messages to the family to ensure a child has accessed vision care. Most of the parents who’ve reported taking their child in for an exam have found an eye doctor using the list we provide. We also know through qualitative and anecdotal evidence that our follow-up calls, texts, and emails act as effective reminders and encouragement for parents to follow through on finding vision care for their children.

KidSight will also screen children in elementary schools for a small fee. Please contact us for details.