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MOCSA's mission is to improve the lives of those impacted by sexual abuse and assault and to prevent sexual violence in our community.

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The Assistance League of Kansas City provides MOCSA staff and volunteer advocates with Assault Survivor Kits, which are taken to the hospital a provided to victims who report to area hospitals after experiencing a sexual assault.
Children receive Art and Play Therapy at MOCSA, which helps them process their feelings and emotions in safe and healthy ways.
One of MOCSA's Art Therapy rooms.
Sand tray therapy is a helpful way for children who have been sexually abused to recreate their world and express what they feel and are afraid of.
Assault Survivor Kits from the Assistance League of Kansas City contain printed references, a change of clothes, and toiletries. Victims' clothing is often taken as evidence, so a change of clothing can be so important.


On-Call Advocate
Category: Social Services
SUMMARY This position is responsible for assisting victims of sexual assault by answering the 24-hour crisis line and providing face-to-face advocacy services after MOCSA business hours. Ensures victims have an advocate when requested. JOB OBJECTIVES I. Provides Advocacy a. Provide crisis intervention and advocacy to adolescent and adult victims/survivors during sexual assault forensic more