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It’s not about the bra. That has been our mantra since we launched Bra Couture KC eight years ago in partnership with The University of Kansas Cancer Center to support uninsured/underinsured cancer patients.

So often we hear responses about how individuals just don’t understand “the bra thing” so we want to take a moment to explain: It’s not about the bra...its about the bravado of a cancer survivor to walk a 100-foot runway and the survival journey that it represents. From shaken to surety; from fearful to fierce; from unsure to unflappable...a million-dollar feeling.

Starting as early as September before the event, we have the honor of working with breast cancer survivors as we begin to plan and prepare them for their walk on the runway. And after every event what we hear from these survivors is that they felt beautiful again, they felt empowered again and this runway walk gave them a way to have a joyful experience with all of their loved ones after a long and arduous and frightening experience of surviving breast cancer.

This is “the bra thing” and even those of us who designed this event are energized by the healing power of the art on the runway and the models who wear this art. This healing power continues as we then take funds raised from this event into communities and service agencies that help individuals who face limited to no choices for their cancer care.....the power of your donations, your money, goes to change the outcome of a cancer journey for someone without insurance or enough insurance.


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