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Kansas Trial Lawyers Association


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About Us

The Kansas Trial Lawyers Association is a 501(c)(6) statewide, nonprofit professional association that supports its members through professional education and seminars, a quarterly magazine, list serves and practice sections, and seminars that meet the specialized practice needs of plaintiff and claimants' attorneys. KTLA has a strong commitment to advocacy in the Legislature and in the appellate process through lobbying and its Amicus Curiae Committee. In championing the profession of trial lawyer, KTLA is also a voice for personal accountability, the Constitutional right to trial by jury, access to fair courts and protection of the courts, fair treatment of Kansans injured on the job, and legal protection of Kansans from those harmed through negligence, deception, and unsafe behavior. KTLA has adopted the Kansas Bar Association's Pillars of Professionalism as an endorsed set of aspirational guidelines for its members. KTLA was founded in 1951 in Topeka, Kansas. KTLA members are proud of their vocation, dedicated to the law and getting justice for their clients.

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