AdHoc Group Against Crime

AdHoc Group Against Crime


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About Us

AdHoc to many is Kansas City’s social service emergency room. This reality positions the organization to bring about healing and justice to Kansas City Metro communities. Those that have experienced violence resulting in the loss of life are met with compassion and assurance that they are not alone. AdHoc provides a pathway towards healing, with the help of our licensed counselors, who go into the homes of families and offer therapy.

Over fifty families and one hundred individuals have been provided services from this comprehensive program. Families are also invited to attend our monthly support group with over fifty individuals that come together and discuss their grief and how to cope with the pain they have experienced. This is a big first step for the underserved of our community who have never received this type of service – one which many of us take for granted.

24 Hour Community Hotline: 816.753.1111
This is a valued resource for people to report gang and drug activity, suspects of crime, missing persons (17 and up) and other incidents of concern, to receive community referrals or AdHoc intervention. This line is also used by those suspected or accused of a crime who would like to surrender. “Safe passage” to the police is one of the services provided by AdHoc

24 Hour Youth Helpline: 816.531.COOL (2665)

Radio Appeals & Flyers: AdHoc generates these appeals and flyers to assist in building awareness of those who are missing, murdered or suspected of crimes, and to interject positive community messages.