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On November 1, 2007, Charlie Horn, a 2-year-old Kansas City boy, was killed when he attempted to climb a 30″ dresser in his home.

It was through this tragedy that Charlie's House was born.

What started as a memorial and an outpouring of public support has grown into a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization with safety at its core - dedicated to keeping the community informed and engaged when it comes to preventing injuries to children in and around the home.

In 2021, Charlie's House dedicated the nation's 1st Safety Demonstration House. A community resource offering parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals a room-by-room tour on how to make a home safe for children.

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  • Charlie's House built the Nation's 1st Safety Demonstration House
  • We serve families, caregivers, health care professionals and community organization.


Charlie's House
Charlie's House - Safety Demonstration House
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Dedication of BMA Memorial Garden
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