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E3 Scholarship Fund


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Discover! Learn! Flourish! 3 steps to unlocking a child’s unique approach to learning & doing. When you understand the unique way that a child learns, you can customize their school environment to help them thrive.
At E3 Academy, our verified assessments are low cost, and you’ll receive results in 20-30 minutes. Your student will learn their Action Modes and how to succeed in life!
By helping any child discover his/her strengths, you can reduce stress at home, build self-esteem, and increase productivity.
E3 Academy is a 501 (c)(3) founded by loving parents who discovered a unique way to help their daughter excel in school. The Kolbe method is an evidenced-based assessment that identifies the natural way children approach learning. We equip both caregivers and children with tools they can apply in school and life to better achieve success. This helps you learn to identify and develop the child’s natural way of doing, also known as their mode of operation.

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  • Discovering your child's natural instincts.
  • Special Needs assessments
  • Homeschooling assistance
  • Remote Student help
  • Self-Esteem


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Discover your full career potential.
Tools to help every age.
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