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The Milk Bank


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About Us

Human milk is not just nutrition but is lifesaving medicine for premature and low birthweight infants.

The Milk Bank is:

Fiercely Mission-Driven

Our organization exists to unite people in urgently reducing infant mortality. We believe that every baby deserves their best chance to survive and thrive through access to human milk. We achieve our mission by leveraging community resources to support the safe collection and dispensation of human milk, education, advocacy, and research. Together – through collective impact – we work to ensure all babies have the best chance to celebrate a first birthday.

Unwaveringly Inclusive

Every individual and every family deserves understanding, respect and dignity. The Milk Bank values the power of diversity and seeks to create services and a culture that celebrates all stories. Our organization is committed to dismantling barriers and addressing social determinants of health to ensure we support babies and families at the exact moment of need.

Uncompromising Champions of Science and Safety

We care deeply about each individual involved in the process of donating and receiving human milk. The Milk Bank adheres to strict safety guidelines that steer our donation, pasteurization, and dispensation processes. As leaders in maintaining safe, evidence-based standards, The Milk Bank is committed to transparency, public health education, and the integration of research, science, medicine, and service.


Donor milk is prepared for pasteurization in our milk lab.
Cooper takes a ride in our wagon, used for delivering donations to the milk lab!
The Milk Bank prioritizes work in Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky.
Bottled milk, ready for pasteurization!
About 10% of The Milk Bank's donors provide donations after the loss of their infant. Each infant is memorialized with a leaf on our legacy tree. We firmly stand beside families experiencing loss, while working to prevent infant mortality.
NICU infant receiving Pasteurized Donor Human Milk