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About Us

Safehome is a nonprofit organization and shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Our core purpose is to provide a healing atmosphere where survivors of domestic violence can gain inner strength, build self-esteem, explore options, and establish a life free of violence. Through Safehome’s shelter and community services, approximately 8,000 individuals each year receive the support they need to lead healthy, independent lives. As the only domestic violence shelter in Johnson County, and the largest in the state of Kansas, Safehome strives to break the cycle of domestic violence and partner abuse for victims and their children by providing shelter, legal advocacy, counseling, and prevention education in our community. You do not have to be living at Safehome to receive these 100% free services. $0.91 cents of every $1.00 donated to our organization directly impacts client care. Our vision is to create a community free of domestic violence and partner abuse.


  • Safehome assisted approximately 8,000 clients in 2019
  • Safehome is the only domestic violence shelter in Johnson and Miami Counties in Kansas
  • Safehome is the largest domestic violence shelter in Kansas
  • Safehome answered approximately 4,800 hotline calls in 2019
  • Safehome provided over 8,300 hours of free therapy services in 2019