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About Us

The Urban Scholastic Center (USC) was founded to help close opportunity gaps for students in Wyandotte County through extended education opportunities laced with a strong faith foundation.

Our mission is to “build leaders from here for here, through Jesus and education.” Abiding by that mission, USC’s student-focused and faith-centered programs have been transforming the community for the last 19 years. Since 2004, the USC has grown and evolved, positively impacting the physical and spiritual lives of hundreds of elementary through high-school-aged students.

Rooted in USC’s core values of Jesus and education, each of our programs features a foundational curriculum of faith and literacy. Developing the next generation of Christian leaders is a multi-faceted process that USC accomplishes through discipleship, character development, and education. The staff at the center is made up of a diverse team of professionals and volunteers who lead with passion and a desire to help students become who God created them to be. They exemplify vibrant faith and strong relationships, which is integral to the mission of the USC, as these values and role models are not always available to every student.

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