Volunteer Opportunities

Lobby Ambassador

Dental Support

Xchange Support

Supports associates and the program by making necessary kits and organizing materials. Kits include safe sex kits, work kits, and cotton bags. Does not interact with participants directly.

Billing Support

The billing support associate's primary role and responsibilities are to ensure patient balances' accuracy by investigating credit balances, calculating charges, making adjustments, and reaching out to patients that require a refund.

Billing Support

Facility Maintenance Support

The facility maintenance support?s responsibility is to assist the facilities department to ensure that KC CARE remains aesthetically pleasing to patients, visitors, and staff.

Facility Maintenance Support

Clinic Support Clerk

This volunteer role will be primarily responsible for scanning and uploading documents into a patient’s electronic medical record.

Looking for Volunteers for Kansas City's Non-Profit Folly Theater!

We'll need 16 volunteers per show for roughly 10-12 shows per month. Most volunteers work as ushers at the theater, but we also need ticket takers, door people, and concession workers.

We need ushers, ticket takers, coffee station volunteers, and more!

Volunteer RNs Needed- Kansas City Hospice is looking for camp nurses to join us for a weekend of hope and healing

Our onsite camp nurses will join us for the weekend spending the night in private quarters on site. They will be responsible for managing any health related issues that arise, most commonly scrapes, bruises

Board Members For GUILDit Art/Biz

Be a part of GUILDit's growing board and infuse the arts. Lend expertise in marketing, project management, event planning, finance, legal human resources, strategy, communications, nonprofits, leadership, public relations, etc.

Be a part of growing GUILDit, plus KC's art & biz

Treasurer For GUILDit Art/Biz

Be a part of GUILDit and help grow KC's art & biz. Lend expertise in finance and accounting as Board Treasurer.

Be a part of growing KC's art & biz